Anti-age Microemulsion System

Anti Aging practices have become very important because of the increase in the elderly population in our country as it is all over the world. Anti-age is a type of care that slows down the aging process and also helps to fight its signs. Like our skin, our hairs also suffer aging signs with the effect of the environmental conditions such as maturation, sun and stress.

With the Anti-age microemulsion System, the start of the oxidation period of the prepared color (dye+oxidant) is delayed, and thus, it is ensured that the pigments become active in the structure of hair. The Anti-age Microemulsion System carries more pigments into the hair cortex. Thus, the pigments grow not in the color mixing pot but directly in the hair strand. Therefore, the pigments are absorbed better, exactly the desired tones are attained, and a longer permanence is achieved at the end of the application.

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